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Guarani Survival Fund

A fund to support the Guarani-Kaiowà

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To mark the launch of Birdwatchers, Survival International has launched a special fund on behalf of the Guarani-Kaiowà, to whom the film is dedicated. Every penny raised for the Guarani Survival Fund will help them to defend their human rights, regain their ancestral lands and plant their crops once more.

“The situation of the Kaiowa today is frightening,” explains Francesca Casella, director of Survival in Italy. “Their lands have been destroyed, their leaders are being killed and their children are starving. But the communities do not want money and wealth, and don’t want government hand outs. All they ask for is enough land to survive on, and the control of their lives and their future. Without their land, the Guarani have no hope.” [...]

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